preparing the dancer in

body and spirit to glorify God

through artistic excellence

Variety of Dance Styles

Classes for all ages

About Turning Pointe School of Dance

Turning Pointe is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

The dancer is so much more than a body in motion

The dancer has a heart and soul that can reflect the love and beauty of God

At Turning Pointe School of Dance we focus on much more than outward technique and mastery of an art form.

We look inward at the hearts and minds of our students. We care about their preparation spiritually and mentally.

As students realize their ability to dance actually comes from a loving Creator, they often experience a “turning pointe” of a different kind. No longer is dance about them. Dance becomes a way to give back, a way to be a message bearer.

Preparing the dancer in body and spirit…

My daughter is growing so much both artistically and spiritually as a result of her involvement at Turning Pointe. It is truly a blessing in so many ways.

James Dumerauf - Turning Pointe Parent

I’m grateful for every moment I spent training at Turning Pointe! Not only was my ballet technique challenged and refined, but I was equipped spiritually, which far outweighs the most superb physical training (I Tim. 4:8).

Kirsten Conrad, Turning Pointe Alumna; Company Member, Avant Chamber Ballet

Dance can stir the soul and open hearts to the message of Christ

Turning Pointe is more than an ordinary dance school. It offers an environment that recognizes the Holy Spirit’s movement in creative worship arts. Students participate in this creative process and are forever shaped by the experience.

Turning Pointe Values:

    • Recognizes the need for excellent technical training in Classical Ballet along with an introduction to other dance forms.
    • Recognizes the need to nurture the dancers’ faith, encouraging them to grow in confidence and responsibility as they pursue the art of dance.
    • Recognizes the need to reclaim the gift of dance for the church.

Turning Pointe School of Dance is a historic and vital part of the Holland, Michigan community. Through training, performances and community outreach programs, students at Turning Pointe are prepared not only in the art of dance, but with hearts for the local and greater community.

Matthew Farmer, Dance Department Chair, Hope College

The Turning Pointe dancers we have worked with have been joyful, humble, eager to learn, disciplined, highly respectful of authority, and have exhibited beautiful technique.

Kathy Thibodeaux, Founder and Director, Ballet Magnificat!; 1982 Silver Medalist, International Ballet Competition