100% Donation Model

As a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry our 100% donation model allows all of our operating expenses to be covered by the School of Dance. This enables us to direct 100% of all donations toward the ministry.



We are humbled and very grateful for your kindness and generosity in helping our daughter to be able to take classes at Turning Pointe. Because of the fun and skilled instructors, she has grown so much spiritually and in her technique.  It is such an incredible blessing to be a part of this ministry.  Turning Pointe is run so efficiently and professionally, yet with so much of God’s grace.

It really feels like we are a part of the family of God at Turning Pointe.  The spiritual influence, godly teachers, and top quality instruction that challenges young people to not only be excellent dancers with fantastic technique, but also excellent examples of a fantastic God at work in their lives, influencing others through their life and their dance, is what makes Turning Pointe a unique dance school. Thank you again for your gift of financial aid.  It again reminds us that God will provide. May God continue to bless Turning Pointe.  


Parent of Scholarship Student

Turning Pointe School of Dance, a Christian Ministry, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.  Mail Contributions to: Turning Pointe School of Dance   437 136th Ave. Holland, MI 49424


Let them praise His name with dancing. Psalm 149:3 NIV

Performance Underwriter  $6,000-$10,000

Six complimentary premium season tickets, may purchase unlimited premium seats

Benefactor  $3,000-$5,999

Four complimentary premium season tickets, may purchase unlimited premium seats

Patron or Business Sponsor  $1,500-$2,999

Four complimentary premium tickets to upcoming show, may purchase unlimited premium seats to upcoming show

Contributor  $500-$1,499

Two complimentary premium tickets to upcoming show, may purchase four premium seats to upcoming show

Supporter  $200-$499

May purchase four premium seats to upcoming show

Friend  $50-$199

May purchase two premium seats to upcoming show

Tickets are based on availability

Contributions received March 16th – October 15th are rewarded at The Promise

Contributions received October 16th – March 15th are rewarded at the Spring Show

Turning Pointe School of Dance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

   Thank you for your support of the Turning Pointe School of Dance ministry

Cumulative contributions since our last live performance

October 2019 – November 2021


Underwriter $6,000+

Breton and Erin Docter

Russ and Nancy Fay


Benefactor $3,000-$5,999

Ann Henriksen

Steve and Christine Hoek

Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation


Patron or Business Sponsor $1,500-$2,999

John and Gwen Bartels

Drs. Dan and Cecilia DeCook



Contributor $500-$1,499


Joe and Jennifer Anderson

Lynn Austin

Bryan and Cathy Bouws

Mark and Debra Burr

Cornucopia Family Foundation

Bill and Kathy Ehmann

Andrew and Whitney Elders

Jim and Linda Parker

Scott and Polly Storteboom

Rachael Van Huis

Tom and Carol Sinke


Supporter $200-$499

Dan and Heather Beath

Luke and Stephanie Beelan

Josh and Carrie Danek

Kathi Jo DeYoung

Steven and Melanie Downing

Carl and Virginia Flowerday

David and Linda Kaiser

Harold and Jeanne Koning

Bob and Pam Phillips

Michael and Rosemarie Pifer

Steve and Kristi Van Dyk

AJ and Elise VanKampen

Tom and Becky VanRavenswaay

Charles and Mary DeVries

Lexie Ehmann

Ned and Mary VanFarowe


Friend $50-$199

Austin and Kim Asamoa-Tutu

Kathleen Beal

Sandra Blanchard

Angelika Boerma

Todd and Jennifer Brower

Brian and Angela Burch

Tony and Becky Bush

Denise Debri -SpartanNash

Andy and Gloria DeKam

Ryan and Kerri deVries

Stephen and Kathryn Gibson

Robert and Tammy Hartman

Karen Hinkle

Richard Howell

Jason and Molly Kehrer

Brent and Emily Kehrwecker

Paul and Jackie Kleinheksel

Connie Knap

Kevin and Lauren Mattox

Scott and Theresa McKenzie

Tom and Nella Scholten

Martin Van Staalduinen

Peter and Mary Visser

Paula Williams-Hanges

Cora Mae Sinke



As a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry our “100% Donation Model” ensures that all operating expenses are covered by the School of Dance, enabling 100% of your tax-deductible contribution to be directed to: Need-Based Scholarships, Christian Outreach Performances, and the Bible-Based Debt Reduction of our mortgage.


As a nonprofit, Turning Pointe can earn $1,000 by collecting $150,000 in Family Fare/D & W store and gasoline receipts!

We are collecting receipts from your Family Fare and  D & W purchases at both studios. (We need full receipts. You can mark out any personal info on the receipt.) 

Turning Pointe is grateful for earning our first $1,000 check from SpartanNash! We are now working on our second check!  Thank you for helping us meet our goal!







Turning Pointe School of Dance is a 501(c)( 3) nonprofit organization

Contributions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated