Welcome to Turning Pointe School of Dance


Thank you for choosing Turning Pointe as your dance school! We are passionate about dance and are committed to bringing you quality dance instruction from loving Christian teachers! At Turning Pointe we provide a variety of classes that range from exploring dance for fun and exercise to offering classes that allow serious dancers to take their training to a deeper level through more intensive hours of pre-professional training.

~preparing the dancer in body and spirit to glorify God through artistic excellence~

Beginning in 1999 with 23 students, Turning Pointe has grown to be one of Holland’s largest dance schools with over 450 students at our Holland and Hudsonville campuses. Our graduates have earned college dance scholarships, been offered trainee positions with major ballet companies, are using dance in the Mission field, and have found employment as dance teachers and as professional dancers in major cities across the nation. Other graduates have used the discipline, time management, and poise that their dance training gave them to pursue the fields of medicine, architecture and law. Turning Pointe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the guidance of a Board of Directors.

Offering a variety of classes for students of all ages and dance interests, Turning Pointe strives to prepare the dancer in body and spirit to glorify God through artistic excellence. Whatever the age, whatever the dance form, whatever the level of training, Turning Pointe School of Dance is a safe place where children can study dance in a Christian environment that provides quality friendships and excellence in dance training.

  • Turning Pointe recognizes the need for excellent technical training in classical ballet along with an introduction to other dance forms.
  • Turning Pointe recognizes the need to nurture the dancers’ faith, encouraging them to grow in confidence and responsibility as they pursue the art of dance.
  • Turning Pointe recognizes the need to recapture the art of dance for use in the church as an effective tool for worship.

Welcome and enjoy! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Debra Burr

Executive Director


Connie Burnelle

School Administrator/Marketing Director


General Rules for Students

Drop off, arrival time, pick up:

  • Students are expected to arrive for class and rehearsals prior to their starting time so that all scheduled classes and rehearsals may begin on time. Students who arrive too late may not be sufficiently “warmed up” to safely take class and may also disrupt class. Students may be asked to sit and observe instead of participating.
  • Students are expected to be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of their class or rehearsal. Please note that if a student is late in being picked up at the end of the day, or end of rehearsal, Turning Pointe must pay two staff members to stay late with the student. Habitual late pick up of students may result in an added fee to offset employee wages.
  • Younger dancers may not leave the building without an adult. Parents please note that once children leave the building they are unsupervised.
  • No dancer of any age may stand outside the building waiting for a ride. Older dancers who cannot see their parent’s car are encouraged to text or call their parent to find out where parent is located in the parking lot before leaving the building.
  • Street clothes must cover dance attire when arriving and leaving the studio.
  • Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the building as they can damage dance floors.

During class time, inside the building

  • No talking is allowed in class unless it is part of the educational process.
  • No gum, glass or food is permitted in studios.
  • Water is the only liquid allowed in studios. Please bring water (with name clearly marked on it). All water bottles left behind will be thrown out.
  • No bare feet allowed in the building for health reasons (unless part of the class dress code).
  • All dance clothes should be labeled with the student’s name. All clothing or other items left behind will be placed in the Lost and Found and emptied regularly.
  • Please, no leaning or hanging on dance barres.
  • Students are asked to conduct themselves in a controlled and quiet manner in the hallways so that they do not disrupt classes.
  • Dancers sitting in the hallways during meal times are asked to pull their legs back to allow people to walk through the hallway without being asked to do so.
  • To reduce classroom disruptions, students are asked to use the bathroom prior to taking class.
  • Only students who have long extended classes and rehearsal may use the kitchen for dinner or lunch. (Please label any food items before placing them in the refrigerator and take items with you.) Food remaining is disposed of on the weekends.
  • Students should pick up after themselves in the studio, dressing room, and kitchen.
  • Turning Pointe School of Dance is a smoke-free and vape-free building.
Parent Expectations
  • Please read the monthly online newsletter, To The Pointe. This e-newsletter contains important information about current and upcoming school events that may affect you. It also contains the monthly Bible Study curriculum as well as fun staff/teacher information.
  • Please check your email at home daily for important emails from Turning Pointe, including your monthly billing statement. Please make sure our emails are not being rejected as spam.
  • Please set up your Parent Portal on the Jackrabbit online registration system. it allows you to view your account, change contact info, and register for classes.
  • Please notify the office if your email address changes so you don’t miss important communication.
  • Please let the office know if your cell phone changes so we can reach you in case of an emergency.
  • Please call the office if your child is sick and unable to attend class.
  • Please label every piece of dancewear with your child’s name. We find lots of things that look alike!
  • Please have your child arrive early for class and rehearsals. If a dancer arrives too late for warm ups they may be asked to sit and observe instead of participating in class due to the risk of injury.
  • A waiting room is provided for parents with wireless Wifi. Parents are welcome to observe students once per semester during Observation Week.
  • Children in the waiting room should not be left unsupervised and should not disrupt ongoing classes.
  • Please pick your child up promptly after class and rehearsals. Please note that our safety policy requires that two adults be in the building at all times that students are present. If you are late in picking up your dancer, TPSD-a nonprofit ministry, pays two hourly employees to wait with your child. Habitual practice of late pick up may result in an added fee to offset employee wages.
  • Help us keep your young child safe by instructing them to wait inside the building for your arrival. Young children may not leave the building without a parent. Once children leave the building they are unsupervised.
  • Help us keep your older student safe by instructing them not to leave the building until they have seen your car, or have texted/called you to locate you in the parking lot. Once older students leave the building they are unsupervised.
  • Service dogs only in the building (No Pets). Turning Pointe is a smoke free building.
  • If you have a question or concern, please contact School Administrator Connie Brunelle at connieb@turningpointedance.org or Executive Director Debra Burr at debrab@turningpointedance.org about your concern. We will do all we can to resolve your concern right away.

Park only in designated parking places. Please do not park or stand in an unmarked spot in front of the Holland building waiting to pick up children as this restricts cars from backing out of parking places and dangerously obstructs the flow of cars from the busy road into the parking lot.

Please drive slowly and carefully in our parking lot as many young children are coming and going.


Please note that, due to our confidentiality policy, Turning Pointe staff and teachers will not discuss the progress of a dancer with anyone other than the custodial parent of the dancer.


Attendance and Tardiness, Sickness, and Make up Classes

Attendance and Tardiness
Attendance is taken at every class. Please call the office if your child is sick and will be missing class for any reason. Students who arrive after warm up may not be able to take class but may observe instead. Students should please inform their teacher if they need to leave class early.

Please do not send your dancer to Turning Pointe if s/he is not feeling well. If your child has been ill, please do not allow them to return to class until their fever has been normal for 24 hours. We are committed to reducing the spread of disease and need your assistance with this. Please give other families the courtesy you would expect them to give yours and keep your child at home if there is any chance that s/he is ill.

Make up Classes
Turning Pointe runs a 34 week school year over a 39 week period September-June. Scheduled Turning Pointe pre-planned school holidays and breaks and weather-related school closings do not alter monthly tuition. Classes missed due to common student illness or family vacation may be made up during the year in a like or lower level class. Please inform the office of their makeup before hand.

Snow Days and Other Severe Weather

In case of Bad Weather – We will send a mass email to all parent emails, post our school’s cancellation on our facebook page, our website www.turningpointedance.org and on Channels Wood TV8 and WZZM TV13. We will also put a message on our phone’s answering machine (616) 394-7109 and on the front door of the studios (if we can safely get to the studio).

Please don’t assume that if your local school closes that TP will automatically close!! Often the weather clears by afternoon. We frequently don’t make our cancellation decision until afternoon once we assess the real weather (not the 5am weatherman prediction!) Bottom line – if in doubt – check the website. As always, we recognize that venturing out in questionable weather is always the parents’ decision and we respect that it is ultimately the parents’ call.

If the local schools (West Ottawa Public or Hudsonville Public) close for the day, our morning Holland or Hudsonville classes only are cancelled. Evening classes might still be held.

Attention: Please note that we have schools in Holland and Hudsonville. We may close one but not the other depending on how a storm hits! Please pay attention to the cancellation to see if it says Holland, Hudsonville or all locations. Please check our website www.turningpointedance.org.

Make up for Bad Weather – If your once-a-week class has been canceled due to severe weather we will not “reschedule” a class upon first incident. We live in West Michigan and severe weather happens. However, if any given day of the week has excessive class cancellation (more than two classes), we will provide scheduled make up classes. We can not guarantee that the time we choose to hold a make up  will coincide with everyone’s schedule! But we will do our best to provide appropriate opportunities for you children to make up classes.

In case of a Tornado Warning in Ottawa County, classes will be cancelled. If a Tornado Warning occurs during a class, teachers will escort students to a Tornado shelter area in the building. If there is a Tornado Watch, classes will continue but parents can pick up children if they desire. Students will not be able to leave the building without a parent accompanying them.

Registering and Paying for Classes


  • Register online at www.turningpointedance.org, in person, or by mail.
  • ALL accounts must register a credit/debit card and are automatically enrolled in a monthly “auto charge” program. To avoid the auto charge, cash or check payment must be received in the Holland Office by the 28th of the month.
  • Students are registering for a full year class. Any withdrawals during the school year are subject to the Withdrawal Policy (see below).
  • $20 non-refundable school year registration fee per student or $40 maximum per family.
  • All tuition is paid a full month in advance.
  • Students registering for the school year prior to September 1st pay the first month’s tuition and registration fee to hold their spot place in the class. Students registering for the school year after September 1st pay the first and second month’s tuition, plus registration fee.
  • Scheduled Turning Pointe holidays, breaks and weather-related school closings do not alter monthly tuition.
  • Tuition will not be reduced or refunded due to common student illness or family vacation. Students may make up classes.
  • Account balances must be paid in full before registering for a new school term.

Payment Options:

  • ALL accounts must register a credit/debit card and are automatically enrolled in a monthly “auto charge” program which charges the filed card the first Monday of September – May.
  • Families preferring to avoid the “auto charge” may pay with cash or check received in the Holland Administrative Office by the 28th of the current month.
  • 5% discount for entire School Year paid in full with cash/check, paid within 10 days of registration.

Withdrawal Policy:

  • To withdraw a student, the parent must provide written notification by email or fill out a Withdrawal Form in the Holland office. A student will be considered “active” up until the time this communication takes place and tuition will continue to be charged.
  • If a student withdraws at any time during a month the withdrawal is processed as of the last day of that month. There is no refund of any portion of that month’s tuition.
  • There is a withdrawal fee of one month’s tuition (which has already been paid).
  • Classes and staffing are established based on enrollment at the beginning of the session. Therefore, student withdrawal has an impact on the expenses of the school, a non-profit ministry.

Discounts – One discount type per family:

  • Family Discount: Families with more than one dancer receive a 15% discount on each dancer after the 1st with the largest tuition.
  • Multiple Class Discount: Children’s and Elective Division students taking more than one class type per week receive the following discounts: 1st-full, 2nd-40% off, 3rd-50% off. 


  • Financial need-based scholarships for boys and girls are available in very limited amounts. The application deadline is July 31st. Please inquire at the office.
Class Attire

Please see current Offerings for Dress Code. Dancers are expected to be in the proper dress code and hair style for their class.

School Structure

Turning Pointe provides a place where students of differing abilities, ethnic backgrounds and economic circumstances are encouraged to dance. The school seeks to provide a well-rounded program where dancers are guided through a curriculum designed to enhance both physical skill and spiritual growth. All classes at Turning Pointe begin with prayer and a brief devotion as part of a year-long biblical theme. All performance opportunities are wholesome, Christ-centered and artistically pleasing entertainment for the entire family.

Recreational Division – For dancers ages 2-18. Students are offered classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Christian Hip Hop one day a week. These students may participate in the End of Year Showcase.

Training Division – Students from age eight are offered Classical and Contemporary Ballet training from two to five times per week. Level 1A and 1B students perform in the End of Year Showcase. Starting in Level 1B students perform in the large scale ticketed productions, depending on their level. Students move up through the levels based on their individual readiness, not by age. Training Division students receive a written evaluation in May.

Unlike regular school, it generally takes about 2 – 2.5 years per level to gain mastery and move up a level. Students move at their own pace depending on their body’s flexibility, strength and ability to apply corrections. Often friends and classmates don’t move up at the same time. *Parents please help your child understand this concept and prepare for it in advance.

Performance Ensembles (Holland Studio only) – Students from Training Division Levels 3-6 who make a year long commitment are welcome to join the Performance Ensemble. Ensemble dancers perform in The Promise and the Spring Ballet. Rehearsals outside of class time and fees apply.

Teaching Methods

Ballet training at Turning Pointe is a blend of the Vaganova and Cecchetti methods, a style some in the ballet world refer to as “American Style.” This method is very similar to that used at the Joffrey Ballet.

It is essential for students to receive corrections in class. Corrections are made in a positive and affirming way, and help the dancer to understand what they are doing properly, what they are doing incorrectly, and how they can change what theya re doing to achieve the desired result. Because dance is a physical sport, some corrections may be hands-on.

Performance Opportunities

Students in the the Recreational Division will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the year and a recommended placement for the next year. Training Division students are evaluated annually in May and receive a written evaluation.

 At any time during the year parents may communicate with their child’s teacher through email or may request a conference.

Performance Opportunities

All classes offer one week each semester in which parents and other family members may sit in class and observe their dancer’s progress. Classes are normally closed to parents, so please plan ahead to take advantage of this opportunity.

Dancers in the Recreational Division and Levels IA & IB Training Division have the opportunity to perform in the Year End Showcase. (Costume and Participation fees apply)

Dancers in Training Division Level 1B may perform in one song in The Promise. (Participation fees apply.)

Dancers in Training Division Level 2 may perform in one song in The Promise and one song in the Spring Ballet. (Participation fees apply.)

Dancers in the Training Division Performance Ensemble Levels 3-6 perform in both annual large scale, ticketed productions, The Promise and the Spring Ballet along with other Outreach opportunities.

Summer Training

Turning Pointe offers fun Summer Dance Camps for Children’s Division and Elective Division students and Classical Ballet Intensive Weeks in the month of June and July for dancers ages 8-18. We also offer Ballet Workshops in August for dancers from age 8-18.

As ballet is a sport in which skills build progressively, and muscle tone can be easily lost, it is recommended that dancers in the Training Division continue their Ballet training in the summer. Many dancers enjoy summer training because they can focus on their dancing without the distractions of school.

Dancers in the Training Division Ensembles are required to train a prescribed number of hours during the summer, and to attend the second week of the August Workshop.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the School Administrator, Connie Brunelle at connieb@turningpointedance.org or Executive Director Debra Burr at debrab@turningpointedance.org. We will do all we can to resolve your concern at once.

Our Board of Directors would like you know the following: We invite you to communicate any questions, concerns or complaints to us as a Board. Our desire as a Board is to support Turning Pointe and to enable the entire staff to fulfill the mission which we wholeheartedly believe in.