Dress Code

Most dress code items are available at the Holland studio store for reasonable prices.

We are a nonprofit organization and offer the store for the convenience of our families.

Please label everything. All dancewear looks alike!


All of these items are available at the Holland Studio store at reasonable prices.


Female Ballet Students                                                                                  


  • Leotard of level color (see below), any style 
  • Pink tights
  • Pink ballet shoes, canvas or leather, with bows tucked in (please label)
  • Hair in a tidy ballet bun
  • Training Division Levels 1A-3 only: alignment waistband for sale at studio.

Male Ballet Students

  • Men’s black dance tights
  • Dance belt (undergarment for male dancers)
  • White fitted t-shirt, preferably ‘under armor’-type shirt
  • Black ballet shoes (canvas)

Leotard Colors by Class:

Storytime Ballet-Any color/Any style leotard (skirts or tutus allowed)

Preschool Ballet and Ballet & Tap-Light Pink (skirts or tutus allowed)

Kinder Ballet and Ballet & Tap-Light Pink (skirt or tutus allowed)

Youth Ballet 1 & 2-Mulberry (skirts allowed)

Home School Ballet-Mulberry (skirts allowed)

Youth Ballet 3-Light Blue (skirts allowed)

Level 1A, 1B, 1A/1B Hudsonville-Light Blue (no skirts*)

Level 1A/1B Lyrical-Dancers wear ballet uniform (skirts allowed)

Level 2 Holland and Hudsonville-Lavender (no skirts*)

Level 2 Jazz-Dancers wear ballet uniform

Level 3-Navy (no skirts*)

Level 4-Royal Blue (no skirts*)

Level 5-Burgundy (no skirts*)

Level 6-Black (no skirts*)

*No skirts-Instructor needs to see hip placement

Pointe-Designated Ensemble black wrap skirt

Pointe Variation-White practice tutu-style Sansha D005

Jazz and Tap

All of these items are available at the Holland Studio store at reasonable prices.                          

Female Jazz and Tap Students

  • Leotard of level color (see below), any style                                                                          
  • Tan tightsBlack dance shorts
  • Jazz shoes – black split sole 
  • Tap shoes – black leather (shiny okay for Preschool/Kinder)
  • Hair in a tidy ponytail

Male Jazz and Tap Students

  • White ‘under armor’- type shirt
  • Black jazz pants
  • Jazz shoes – black split sole (no sneakers)
  • Tap shoes matte black shoes

Tap and Jazz Leotard Colors by Class:

Tap 1 and Jazz 1 – Grape

Tap 2 and Jazz 2 – Red

Tap 3 and  Jazz 3 – Royal Blue

Note: If Tap and Jazz level differ dancer may wear either color.


Hip Hop

Most of these items are available at the Holland Studio store at reasonable prices (shoes are not carried by the TPSD store.)

Male and Female Hip-Hop Students                   

  • Plain red T-shirt (no writing)
  • Black specific style sweat pants sold at TPSD store. These sweatpants will be worn in the End of Year Showcase.
  • Black Converse-style shoes (low or high)                                                                                                                                
    • Store brand shoes (Kohl’s, Target) are fine. Don’t spend additional $ on real Converse
    • Note:  Shoes must be treated like ballet or tap shoes and never be worn outside or they will damage floors
Musical Theatre

These items are available at the Holland Studio store at reasonable prices.

Female Musical Theatre Students                                        

  • Any color/any style leotard
  • Tan tights
  • Black dance shorts
  • Black jazz shoes
  • Hair in tidy ponytail

Male Musical Theatre Students

  • White “under armor style” tee shirt
  • Black jazz pants
  • Black jazz shoes